Women of Words

Hull's spoken word performance space with an all-female cast


Each month we offer open mic slots to all female members of our audience who would like to share their work.

We open the list at 1.45pm.
-First priority will be given to women who have never shared their work at WOW before.
-Second priority will be given to women who have performed before, but didn’t get a slot at the previous month’s event
-Third priority will be given to  women who got a slot at the previous month’s event, but who have had three slots or fewer in the last 12 months (we appreciate not everyone can remember exactly how often they’ve performed, so we’ll do our best to be fair about this)
-If there are slots remaining, we’ll fill these on a first-come-first-served basis from anyone who is left
– The “free write” sharing session will continue to run as before, so if you don’t have any work ready to share before the event, there will be a chance to write and share during the event as usual

So if our Open Mic is very full and we have to say no to you at a particular event, you’ll automatically be second-from-top priority for a slot at the next event (super-ceded only by First Timers).

Thanks so much to all of you for continuing to share your beautiful words with us, and thank you for your patience in the times when we haven’t managed to squeeze you onto the mic! We hope this will make things fair.

To suggest a guest performer or if you’d just like to have a chat about writing in general, you can speak to any of our lovely management team at our events. Or you can email us at womenofwordsinhull.gmail.com.